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My son did two seasons of mommyandmewithsu, and he enjoyed both of them. Su is an affectionate lady who genuinely loves kids. This shows in every single part of the program and every single interaction of Su with the kids. The program may look a bit random at first as it involves exploring different regions of the venue in that one hour, but it is actually structured to incorporate varied skill enhancements for the kids. It involves learning concepts based on some free play, singing rhymes with actions, story-telling, toys, paint and craft, bubble time, swings, and themes etc. So, it unfolds as a great package. I love the fact that each session gets documented well and separately for each child. If you are an informed mother, you shall soon realize that a thorough thinking process went behind the program.

First things first. The program helped my child to understand what ‘school’ is, in a secured environment with me being around. Basically, it helped him prepare for his next chapter of life, ‘play-school’. It allowed him to mingle with other kids as well. At the end of the program, my son (then 2.2 years old then) was able to recite complete rhymes to full length and was totally comfortable with Su, other kids, and their mothers.

And yeah, that graduation ceremony at the end of the season makes it all very ‘GRAND & GLORIOUS’ 🙂

I shall advice mothers to join the program and be very participative in it. Children with active mothers will have excellent take-aways from Su’s program. Cheers!

Shivani Aggarwal
Session 19
My son and I did our most awaited session with Su! She is so affectionate and likeable that I can see that glow in my son’s eyes every time I say, ‘Su aunty’s class’. Her love for kids is seen so much in her work. She is very meticulous and flexible too. We did the ‘animal’ theme with her. All the activities she did around this theme, right from the rhythms to teaching them sounds, was very well planned and executed. The learnings my son had were immense. We enjoyed every bit of her class. I am looking forward to doing another session with her. I highly recommend mommyandmewithSu.
Aparna Prabhakar Shroff
I had thoroughly enjoyable two seasons with Sujata! Her genuine affection and love for kids leaves a lasting impression. She goes the extra mile to prepare all the activities. The meticulously planned convocation at the end of the season is the perfect icing on the cake.

We’ve been in close touch with her, even after the classes were done, and hope to continue to do so for a long long time!

Sohini Roy
My son and I joined the program when he was 21 months old. He loved the whole experience there. Mothers and toddlers along with Su sing rhymes, dance, blow bubbles, play games. Su has a great way of dealing with kids, giving each kid the space they need, based on what they love to do most. My son is really fond of the rhymes he learned from there. The field trips were also amazing. We all had a fun time together on the field trips. I am looking forward to the next season. We will be joining for sure!
Saranya Sooraj
Our experience at mommyandmewithsu was liberating for both Aamina, and me.

Aamina was liberated from her mother’s ‘don’t do list’. She thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to do what she liked, whenever she liked and as much as she liked. This liberated me from my worries. As mothers we’re so busy trying to make sure the child is doing this and not doing that, that we forget to enjoy the moments. At mommyandmewithsu, I stopped worrying about what Aamina is doing. Instead, I just sat back enjoyed whatever she did. We spent some wonderful time together with Su and I enjoyed the simplest yet amazing pleasures of motherhood.

Thanks, Su.

The program is a very hands-on program with the child. It makes the transition easier for the child. When they feel comfortable with the teacher, they are able to be vocal. I absolutely recommend this workshop to my friends. My son has learnt a good amount in the few classes that he has attended.
Preeti Lakkasani
Arham and I enjoyed the class. It was nice to see the way he reacted to different activities that I thought he would not be interested in. Su’s feedbacks are excellent eye openers at times and showed me different perspectives of child rearing. I think longer classes with a short break would benefit the age group!

Thanks, Su!

Payal Modi
Vihana and I loved the program. It is a great way for the children to interact with other babies as well as adults. I love Su’s enthusiasm and energy levels. It makes us want to continue all the fun activities we do with them all day. If we can have a longer class with a routine, the kids will learn and pick up lots more from each other.


Deval Thakkar Anthony
This program has been a great platform to learn social skills. In the last one week, I have personally seen Amaira becoming very comfortable meeting new people. We loved the flash cards. It is a wonderful way to reiterate what she learnt in class. I am so glad we made it. I really appreciate Su’s enthusiasm to engage with children and her positive outlook towards them.
Pari and I had a wonderful time. It was nice to see Pari learning new stuff. Pari loves rhythm, and she enjoys it the best. I really like your teaching, and the way you engage with kids.

Thanks a lot. Lots of love to Su, and the program.

First of all, thanks for the wonderful program you gave us. Initially, I thought this is ‘the usual’ as I had already seen these kinds of classes. But as the program went on, Rohan enjoyed it so much, and this in turn made it very interesting for me. Su was awesome with the kids. In these 10 days, I can notice some changes in Rohan. He likes rhymes, he likes meeting people around and he is, especially, going crazy with crayons.

Thanks for the wonderful time, Sujata.

Kirthika Hari Kumar
It’s been a great experience and a learning process for both of us. There were certain things that I got to know about Srikar and his interests. Though he was not opening up in the class, he was still enjoying it silently. I would recommend it because it is a learning process of a different kind, a first step of formal training.
Siri Raju
It was a lovely experience! It was a fun time for my baby who now is ready for school. She picks up her bag and says ‘school’ with a big smile on her face. So, I think this class teaches children to be prepared and enjoy their time with others. I loved Su’s interaction with all the kids. She is a very warm person, and anybody would love to send their kids to her class. I would like some other little games to be introduced apart from bubbles.

Thanks so much for the fantastic time.

Anahita Lal